The '87-'93 Special Service Mustangs produced were based on the "LX" coupe body style. They were optioned at the "LX" trim level, receiving the base bucket seats, just as the 5.0 "LX" civilian models were. However, Ford upgraded the LX 5.0 interior offering in 1991, and buyers started receiving the articulated sport seats. SSP cars, for the most part, still received the base seats, which were the standard cloth seats used in 4 cylinder cars. Some Mustangs ordered by the U.S. General Services Administration, responsible for vehicle procurement for Federal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration, US Postal Service, and Federal Bureau of Investigation (to name a few), did receive the articulated sport seats. These Mustangs were complete Special Service Package cars, and there have been several documented examples. It has been reported that some SSPs left the factory in 1991 with the upgraded seats, but I have never seen one of these cars firsthand (I have seen several GSA cars, some still in-service, with these seats).

    Ford really started offering some neat items in the '87-'93 run for SSPs, including oil and transmission coolers, heavy-duty alternators (from 1987-1991, Lestek externally regulated. 1992-1992 were Motorcraft, internally regulated), new-rear upper control arms (for '92-'93, with heavier durometer bushings), etc. Ford did make some small changes to the powertrain, including a switch to hypereutectic aluminum pistons in 1993. The '93 5.0 was actually downrated to 205hp, but Ford adjusted the output numbers due to a different method of testing (not because of any mechanical changes).

All prior SSP options were still available, and some actually became standard through the run. Here is a list of some representative items from the 1993 Ford Fleet Mustang Brochure:

Again...this is certainly not an all-inclusive list, but shows many of the the standard and available options.