Texas Department of Public Safety


License plates


DPS ran front and rear plates throughout the Mustang run. There are several examples below.


Plate style used on Mustangs from 1983 until around 1987.
"Exempt" with black lettering.

This style was used from the 1987 until around 1997. "Exempt"
with blue lettering. State of Texas symbol slightly different.


Radio Equipment


   DPS used General Electric Mastr radio equipment, transmitting on VHF (154-159.xxx MHz frequency), through 1987. DPS then upgraded to VHF Syntor XX radios, used through the 1993 model year Mustangs.

GE Mastr radio head, correct for early 1983-1986 Mustangs (these were usually a darker, brown color).

1987-up Syntor control head. Siren controls were actually on the radio control head for these. Image courtesy of Tony Scharp.

In-service pic, 1987 unit (no passenger spotlight). MPH S-80 radar, Syntor radio, Ruger Mini-14 and shotgun next to the console. Image courtesy of Tony Scharp.


In-service pic, 1990 unit. Code 3 switchbox and newer radar (with interesting remote on the console). Image courtesy of Roman Collins.



DPS used antennas mounted on the rear quarter-panels of the Mustang, on the top passenger-side near the decklid . Some cars ran dual antennas (passenger and drivers-side), or CB radio versions (in addition to the VHF).


Correct, Decibel products antenna base, model #DB702


Later units used a black antenna base, as opposed to the white. These were also mounted on the quarters. For 1993, DPS moved the antenna to the center of the decklid.


1993, with the center-mounted antenna (black base). Joe Pell photo, courtesy of Roman Collins.

Other Miscellaneous Equipment

   Radar units were used throughout the Mustang run. Early cars ran MPH S-80 and Decatur units. Later cars were seen with Bee radar units, such as the model 36. Antenna mounting varied, and cars have been seen with dual antenna setups, while others only ran singles.

    Shotguns were mounted on the drivers door on early cars, but made their way to trunk-mounted carriers in the later cars. Ruger Mini-14 rifles were also sometimes carried. Individual DPS Troopers did mount their own equipment in the cars on occasion, and sometimes carried both rifle and shotgun up front (mounted either on the front doors, or next to the center console, in-between the seats).

Great shot of an '83, showing shotgun rack, GE radio, MPH S-80 radar, Federal PA200 siren, and Whelen Responder dash light (with mirror attachment).

Interior shot, 1984 Mustang. S-80 radar unit, teardrop halogen dash light. Image courtesy of Tony Scharp.

Complete restoration setup, including a DPS first aid kit, for a 1985 DPS Mustang. Image courtesy of Jim Young.



Restored '89, with Code 3 switchbox, Syntor radio, Bee radar. Tom Mallette photo.


Unit Number for the '89 above. These were usually in the door jamb (have been seen in the jamb and A-pillar areas). Tom Mallette photo.

Tony Scharp and Roman Collins helped tremendously with information and photographs for these pages. Roman has a great website dedicated to DPS Mustangs located at www.DPSMustang.com .