The Georgia State Patrol originally ordered 10 SSP Mustangs in 1983 after testing 3-4 1982 Mustang GT's. During the SSP VIN Project, the 10 cars ordered were discovered. With the VIN range now known, a search revealed that 3 of the cars could possibly still exist. While talking with Bill (28HopUp) and Mick (foxchassis), it was suggested that I follow Mick's advice and place a ad on Craigslist (being specific as to what I was looking for). So I posted an ad on Craigslist covering the area of Carrolton, Georgia (the area where the 83 ex GSP with the most recent title activity was last located). I listed the 10 VIN numbers as ex GSP cars, and that I was looking for one to restore. Four months later I was contacted by a 3rd party person that knew where one was. He even sent me a picture of the buck tags as proof. It turns out this guy was trying to buy the car from its owner, and sell it for a big profit. This third party seller was very flakey, and I was told the true owner was a underwater welder and was off shore of Texas 10 months out of the year (only returning home for short visits). He told me he was a truck driver and was out of town a lot himself. I kept being put off and was even told he was going to get permission for the owner's sister to show us the car. Months went by and it was one excuse after another. I had all but given up when one day out of the blue I got a call from the actual owner. Another friend of the owner (a better friend lol) told him about my ad so he called me to see if I was legit or another Craigslist scam. I assured him I was legit and we struck a deal over the phone, and I went and got it that day. Turns out the actual owner was from Carrolton and worked in town as a mechanic.

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