12/29/2016 Thanks to Mick/FoxChassis, a VIN Decoder for SSPs is now online here VIN Decoder
02/26/2016 Years of dedication by Bobby/kapracing have paid off because he has prepared a GSP Restoration Document, as seen on the Agency Resto Page
01/12/2012 After months of initial set-up, our VIN Project became fully functional with operating links for the four-eyed cars initially.
08/30/2009 Updated the Main Page with a link to Roman Collins' Texas DPS Mustang.com website. The site is now being hosted by Special Service Mustang.net. Thanks, Roman, for keeping these pages online with us. Roman's pages can also be reached here.
05/26/2009 Updated the FHP In-Service and NCHP In-Service sections with some great pictures contributed by members. The new FHP pics are from crash reports that occurred when the cars were in-service. Also updated the Bucktags with another set of rare tags.
12/14/2008 Updated the Texas In-Service section with some great pictures submitted by Texas DPS Trooper (retired) Dwayne Pruett.
05/24/2008 Updated the Agency Restoration section with a photo of FHP's 800 MHz Motorola Spectra radio and a few other miscellaneous updates to information in the other documents.
04/12/2008 Updated the In-Service Gallery section with some member contributions of in-service Mustangs from Arizona, Kentucky and North Carolina. Also updated the Bucktags and Build Sheets pages with some more great documentation. Thanks go to all that contributed, and please keep 'em coming.
02/17/2008 Updated the Spotlight section with some additional pictures.
01/12/2008 Added the Spotlight section where members can send in contributions and have vehicles or restoration highlights featured on the website.
10/22/2007 Added the In-Service Gallery with some great pics of in-service Mustangs from state agencies throughout the country.
08/05/2007 Updated the SSP Articles Section with some more California Highway Patrolman magazines and a nice article from the Florida Highway Patrol on the origins of the Mustang program.
07/18/2007 Updated the SSP Articles Section with some more California Highway Patrolman magazines.
06/04/2007 Updated the FHP Restoration Section and CHP Restoration Section with some more excellent photos from Bernie Berrios, Mike Catalano, and John Malloy.
05/06/2007 Added the Texas Department of Public Safety Document to the Agency-Specific Restoration Section.
03/31/2007 Updated the Technical Sections with a few pictures of SSP Special Equipment Parts Lists and more information in the Wheel/Tire Section.
03/30/2007 Updated the CHP and FHP Restoration Sections with some good pictures of a CHP Rangr mic from Charles Walker and a nice interior shot from an early FHP car from the book, The Mustang Chronicles.
03/16/2007 Updated the Tech Section (Bucktags) with some great pictures from Jim Young and Matt Buckmaster.
02/13/2007 Updated the FHP Restoration Section with some good information and pictures of the Motorola PAC R/T repeaters. Thanks go out to Bud Turq for his assistance, along with several retired FHP Troopers that were kind enough to help out.
01/27/2007 Updated the SSP Magazine section with several New York State Patrol articles (1988 and 1992) and two Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords articles from 1990.
01/22/2007 Added CC1, MPA2, and CHP Motor Transport Manuals to the CHP Restoration Section.
01/17/2007 Added SSP Magazine Articles section.