Ford used several different speedometers on the SSP Mustang. 1982 was a one-year run for speedometers, making it virtually the toughest replacement to find. The speedo head is 140mph with green markings in the center and was also backlit in green. 1983-1986 saw the use of the same 140 mph speedo, with orange background graphics. While 1983 is listed as a transistion year to red guage backlighting, there are several documented cars with factory green backlighting throughout (1984 through 1986 were red). For the 1987 Mustang restyle, the speedometer was also given a makeover, but was still a 140mph version. Sometime in 1989, Ford debuted the 160mph version, with the only difference through the end of the 1993 run being a mid-year 1992 switch to a 160mph speedometer with a million-mile odometer (standard). Previous odometers were only 5 digits.

1982 Severe Service Mustang Speedometer

1983-1986 Special Service Mustang Speedometer

1993 SSP Speedometer with million-mile odometer


   VASCAR stands for Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder. It is a speed measurement system designed to compute speed based on time and distance travelled. Many agencies used the technology in the early 1980's Mustangs and beyond, and Ford offered the VASCAR speedometer cable as an option on the Mustang starting in 1983. The VASCAR cable is a 2 piece design, designed so that the pieces can be disassembled, and a module screwed in between the cable halves. The head unit inside the car receives a signal from the speedometer module (via the cable), and uses that signal to help determine the distance travelled. Once a set distance is established, the officer could then use the unit to time vehicles between the two points measured, and convert the time into speed for enforcement purposes. Many agencies ordered cars with the option, but Florida seemed to order cars with them through the 1993 order, and many, many Florida cars have the 2-piece cable. There are several different cable designs, and several are pictured below. Unfortunately, due to routing the cable near the valve covers and exhaust components, they were subject to extreme heat and were often damaged. The cable is long-obsolete from Ford and a rare find in good or new condition.

1983 CSP Mustang with the VASCAR option

Close-up of the cable coupling.

1993 FHP Mustang VASCAR cable.

Close-up of the cable coupling, 1993 FHP.

Components for the VASCAR system