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Thanks for posting those pics, Michael. It is inspiring. I went to the shop yesterday to visit and bring in some new weatherstripping. As soon as the paint starts to go on I'll bring the camera and post more pics.

Everything is ready for paint now. The rear pillar windows are out also, and everything is cleaned up and primed. The trunk is completely cleaned out and stripped. chp1982 sent me some great info on which parts should be painted satin black, as we do want to get it right.

First the body will be painted, then all the other parts. The doors go on first, then the fenders, aligned to the doors. Hood goes on next, trunk, then everything else.

I'm going to bring in the spotlights and they will be installed by the shop also. I found them difficult to deal with before, and I don't want to scratch up anything. I'm going to let the pro do it.

This Thursday morning I am going to go there and drop the gas tank. Clean it out, put a new filter in, etc. With the bumper off this is a great time to do it.

With the way this is progressing, I'd say in 4-6 weeks it should be ready for the interior shop.
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