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Originally Posted by awaite85 View Post
Hi all

My name is Adam Waite. This exact SSP was my father's car from 1991 to 2011.

We bought it in Seattle in 1991, lived in Wentachee until 1999,then moving down here to Mid MO.

I felt like I had seen a family for the 1st time in years when I saw the pics on the 1st post. The rims and the yellow scrape on the back gave it away.

My dad won several drag racing trophies in the 90's at Seattle drag strip in this car. He would change the back tires to slicks and take the back seat out for weight reduction.

This was the very 1st car I drove when I was 15 years old on the back roads outside of Stover, MO.

He sold it in 2011 when he got a new Stang. I started hunting it down a couple weeks ago, which has led me here. I had heard it was in a SSP museum that restore's it to specs of when it was a State Patrol car. I hope this isn't true.

It is a very special car in my family. I still can't believe I found some pics of it, even if they are from 2013.
Very small world. Such a cool story.

I know it's not much help, but it's a lead:
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